In addition to institutional mortgage lenders such as chartered banks and credit unions, we have an access to  private funds through hundreds of private money lenders across Ontario. As an industry leader in private money lending, we can put our years of private mortgage lending experience to work for you.

We offer several financing options to people looking for personal funds in Toronto.

You have complete freedom in terms of finalizing the term period of loan. The biggest challenge has been to choose the best interest rates- variable or fixed.

Private Funds offer different type of advantages. You can avail a rotating credit line (subject to the credit ratings) and keep on utilizing the money time and again. The ease factor with which you can have access to funds is a real advantage. Once you start paying back, the principal amount again becomes available to you. It makes sense as you can use the given amount, if the need arises.

Why chose Goldman:

  • Allows homeowners to borrow large amounts of money with the flexibility to use it for any purpose
  • Rates for second mortgages are typically lower than on unsecured loans, because second mortgages are secured by an asset – your home
  • Interest on second mortgages may be tax deductible if it is used for the purposes of producing income, for instance investing in a small business/franchise or real estate investment/rental property.
  • Second mortgages could be a great alternative to refinance, when the terms on an first existing mortgage are already very suitable and penalties for breaking are too high. I can provide you with a mathematical calculation of costs and savings to determine which method is more beneficial.